DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.08.04

UDC 628.1:543.31

Govorov O. B., Govorova Zh. M., Rudich Ul’iana

Changes in the quality of natural water from a public water supply source during transportation


The issues of the water quality transformation from a natural water supply source during transportation by long-distance water mains from the water intake to the water treatment facilities site and the reasons affecting the changes in the qualitative composition of water are considered. The results of the studies on the changes in the water quality of a natural water source characterized by low turbidity, medium color, seasonal growth of phytoplankton and the concentration of organic compounds are presented. It has been established that in certain periods of the year both the improvement and deterioration of the quality of water transported by water mains by several times occur in terms of the following indicators: permanganate value, total microbial count, phytoplankton count and biomass, resulting in several times increase in the pollution load on the treatment facilities and decrease in the efficiency of the water treatment process. Continuous monitoring and systematization of data on the changes in water quality will make it possible to timely adjust the modes and parameters of water treatment plants, thereby ensuring sustainable water treatment efficiency according to the regulatory requirements.

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