DOI 10/35776/MNP.2019.09.08
UDC 628.353:661.5

Iantsen O. V.

Advanced solutions for the reconstruction of small-scale wastewater treatment facilities: design and calculation


The advanced solutions proposed for the reconstruction of small wastewater treatment facilities that contain biofilters are considered. The peakpoint of designing and constructing biofilters occurred in the 1960–1970s. At present biological filters are often used for wastewater treatment. It is proposed to use them again as the basic treatment facilities. These structures, as a rule, are structurally reinforced concrete tanks; so it is advisable to develop new process flow schemes taking into account the use of existing structures. Three process flow schemes with different combinations of nitrification and denitrification zones are considered. Graphic results of sanitary and technical analyses of a number of indicators are presented on the basis of which sufficient purification efficiency is shown that allows discharging effluents into fishery water bodies. A method for calculating biofilters for specific media materials is proposed. It is concluded that the height of the structure depends not only on the required level of purification, the parameters of the incoming water but also on the type and size of the media material. The proposed process flow schemes will provide for the wider use of biofilters both in the reconstruction of existing and in the design of new treatment facilities.

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