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GERASIMOV M. M., SMIRNOV A. D., Davlyaterova R. A., Domnin K. V., Arkhipova Е. Е., Metelitsa E. K., Smagin V. A., Belyak А. А.

Demanganization of decarbonized ground water of the Tungus basin with the use of catalytic media


A summarized analysis of the ground water demanganization methods is presented. The efficiency of manganese removal by «black sand» filtering is determined; the process parameters for purification of decarbonized ground water of the Tungus basin are specified. The efficiency of air assisted wash for the regeneration of the filter media upon the end of the filter run is evaluated. It was determined that the «black sand» filter media shall be activated with potassium permanganate. The complete process layout of the water demanganization facilities at the Tungus intake of the Khabarovsk city including sludge and filter washings treatment is developed.

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