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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.01.04
UDC 628.316

Belov S. G., Naumchik G. O.

Reuse of stained wash water for washing fabric after dyeing


The processes of aqueous work up of the fabric used at the textile enterprise «Svitanak» OJSC were studied during the fabric preparation, dyeing and subsequent washing. The quality of wash water at various stages of washing the fabric after dyeing was studied by such indicators as the color intensity by dilution rate, COD, permanganate index, foaming capacity and pH. Experimental data are presented that prove the possibility of using ozone for the purification of the wash water mixture from the last six fabric washings after dyeing to the requirements to the quality of water supplied to the dye-finishing processes. An approximate economic calculation has been performed that proves a high economic effect of establishing the reuse of wash water regenerated with ozone for washing fabric after dyeing.

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