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Sedov A. M.

Architectural look at the Moscow water and wastewater treatment facilities


Water and wastewater treatment facilities are the most important branch of the infrastructure of any modern megacity. At the same time they are big architectural complexes with their own building, space planning and style specific features. For the first time a short review of the biggest Moscow water and wastewater treatment facilities: Rublevo, East, North and West water treatment plants; Kur’ianovo and Liubertsy wastewater treatment plants, as architectural projects is given. The main construction stages are traced; the architectural features including style are considered. The style characteristic of buildings is given in linkage to the main construction stages. The problems of improving the quality of the facilities design are touched upon with account of their specific features, the current situation and solicitous attitude to the historical and architectural heritage and traditions. The main architectural problems that arise in the process of reconstruction of the existing buildings and facilities related, in particular, to the improvement of their energy efficiency are framed. The issue of solicitous attitude to the historical buildings and harmonious integration of the new projects has emerged full blown only during the last decades. At present the new potential of the construction sector, various high-tech materials, structures and systems provide for implementing efficient and harmonious architectural solutions.

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