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UDC 628.162.53:66.081

Skryabin A. Yu., Pedashenko D. D., Bozhko L. N., Popovian G. V.

Influence of Coagulation Treatment of Water on Equilibrium of Carbonic Acid Forms


Results of the determination of stability indexes (a saturation index, emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere) of the Don water using the results of complete chemical analyses of water made by laboratories at water supply stations are presented. On the example of the Rostov water supply system the advantage of the use of coagulants polyDADMAC both independently and together with aluminium polyoxichloride AQUA-AURAT™10 which don’t increase (comparing with traditional treatment with aluminum sulphate) the corrosive activity of treated water and don’t favour the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is shown.

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