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UDC 628.14:519.6

Novitskii N. N., Mikhailovskii E. A.

ISIGR Innovative software suite for the simulation of the operation modes of water supply systems


Energy and resource–saving reserves in the systems of water supply and distribution can be largely deployed by rational organization of the hydraulic modes of their operation with the use of advanced methods of mathematical and computer simulation. The description of a programming and computing suite that provides for the opportunity of using remotely the efficient methods of calculating the operation modes of water supply and distribution systems is presented. The principles of the suite implementation allow any number of users to make calculations anytime and anywhere provided the access to global Internet and standard Web browser is available. The suite underlying technologies are stated as well as its user options and computational performance. The results of pilot studies of the programming and computing suite are quoted. The application can be used in different branches (power economy, housing and public utilities, construction etc.) and fields of activities (engineering, operation, studies and education). It can be also useful for the experts of different levels – engineers, research workers, postgraduates, student, etc.

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UDC 697.317.2

Petrov D. Yu.

Investigating the dynamic mode of a heating system operation


Main specifications of the hydraulic mode of the advanced heating systems are given. The standard hydraulic calculation does not provide for the complete amount of information on the heating system operation. Accordingly a mathematic instrument (software-model) was developed to calculate a hydraulic circuit of an advanced heating system in a transit mode of operation. Hydraulic calculations of the two heating systems of similar structure, however, equipped with different balancing fittings were carried out. Typical tendencies of the system active elements operation were analyzed. Recommendations on specific use of the control valves were formulated.

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UDC 628.33:62-278

KOZLOV M. N., Nikolaev Yu. A., Khramenkov S. V., Kharkina O. V.

Perspectives of Introduction of Membrane Technique at Treatment Facilities of Moscow


Studies of the membrane technique of treatment of low-concentrated municipal wastewater at a pilot unit of up to 5 m3/day capacity have been carried out. As a result, high quality of treated water concerning suspended particles and biogenic elements has been obtained, resistance to volley entries of industrial wastewater and high efficiency of water disinfection have been reached. Results of pilot tests have made it possible to appreciate the membrane biotechnologies as perspective for realization at Moscow treatment facilities. Advantages of the technology with the use of membrane bioreactors: considerable reduction in volumes of facilities and spaces occupied by them owing to the high concentration of activated sludge, possibility of a higher load per a volume unit and also significant decrease in quantity of excessive activated sludge. Membrane bioreactor technologies are one of the perspectives of development of treatment facilities under the conditions of limited areas.

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UDC 628.334.2.004.69

Kalinin A. V.

Sand Catching Chamber of an Improved Design


An improved design of a chamber meant for catching of large fractions of pollutants of mineral origin (sand) by means of their sedimentation is offered. The chamber makes it possible to increase the transporting capacity of a surface wastewater flow in large collectors of a water disposal system without disturbance of its hydraulic conditions and sedimentation of suspended organic particles. A simple and economic scheme of sludge removal from the chamber is presented.

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