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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.11.07
UDC 628.33:622.5

Kasperovich Viktoriia

Choosing the chemicals and advanced filter media for enhancing the process of mine water purification


Currently, the construction of facilities for the purification of mine waters is one of the important measures aimed at preserving surface watercourses and water reservoirs. The amount of mine water discharged into surface water bodies can be reduced by reusing it for complex dedusting in mines, process water supply and other most water-intensive technological processes. One of the effective ways of removing suspended solids and heavy metals from mine water is chemical treatment with high-molecular flocculants that provide for reducing the consumption of inorganic coagulants and enhancing the process of suspended solids and heavy metals precipitation. Pretreatment of mine water upstream contact clarifiers can significantly increase the capacity of existing treatment facilities, stabilize their operation in case of fluctuations in the quality composition and temperature of mine water, and reduce the load on the subsequent stages of filtration in rapid filters. The results of experimental laboratory studies of trial coagulation and flocculation with subsequent filtration in rapid filters using Orefilter B catalytic filtering media, AS sorbent and Extrasorb sorption media, as well as removing (stripping) ammonia from mine water are presented.

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