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UDC 628.16.004.69

Valuyskikh I. V., Mamaev V. V., Zhagin S. V., Boldyrev Viacheslav Viktorovich, Smirnov V. P.

Introduction of Up-to-Date Technologies of Potable Water Treatment


The modern conception of water treatment has been realized at the pumping-filtration station of 250 ths m3/day output supplying potable water to the left-bank part of the city of Novosibirsk. The scheme of water treatment includes preliminary water ammonization, the supply of coagulant (aluminum oxychloride) and flocculant, preliminary chlorination, mixing in a mixer of instantaneous action, preliminary flocculation, clarification in horizontal settling tanks, filtration at high-rate filters, secondary chlorination, UV-disinfection. The use of several technologies and technical decisions in the scheme of water treatment aimed at the ensuring of epidemiological safety and high quality of water makes this scheme exclusively reliable and universal.

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UDC 628.162/.163

Pavlov A. A., Dziminskas Ch. A., Kostyuchenko S. V., Zaytseva S. G.

Modern Technologies of Potable Water Preparation at the Sludinskaya Waterworks of Nizhny Novgorod


It is told about introduction, for the first time in Russia, of modern technologies of preparation of potable water at the Sludinskaya waterworks of Nizhny Novgorod: chlorammonization, ozonization, optimal system of coagulation, UV-disinfection that has allowed to optimize operational costs, to minimize negative by-effects and to provide high quality of potable water.

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