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UDC 628.1.033:543.3

Kuznetsov V. N., Zemerova A. N.

Chromatography – one of the advanced methods of the multicomponent analysis of highly volatile compounds in water


Gas chromatography is used in the Central laboratory of Ekaterinburg «Vodokanal» for the control of chloroorganic compounds, phenol and phenol derivants in water. The method is based on the separation of volatile components where inert gas (carrier gas) that flows through the stationary phase with a large surface area is employed as a moving phase. The advantages and disadvantages of the given method as well as the requirements to the carrier gas are presented. In the process of separating complex mixtures comprising components with close chemical and physical properties and mixtures containing many different substances strict requirements to the operation of the chromatographic column are put in the forefront. Packed, capillary and polycapillary columns are used in gas chromatography. Capillary columns without carrier where the stationary phase film is spread on the inner surface of the capillary are meeting all the requirements. This column type provides for the highest separation efficiency compared to the common packed columns. The specific features of the capillary chromatography method provide for the strict requirements to chromatographic detectors designed to detect and measure the number of the components in the moving phase flow at the outlet of the chromatographic column. The data on using different instruments that provide for the accurate results of the analysis within a short time is given.

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