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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.01.05
UDC 628.356:628.52:629.5.083.7

Ponomarenko A. M., Vlasov Dmitrii, Belov N. A., Ganin Andrei, Zinchenko Aleksandr

Innovative directions for the development of the Liuberetskie wastewater treatment facilities


The Moscow wastewater disposal system is a complex system of engineering structures; its reliable and efficient operation is one of the most important components of the sanitary and environmental well-being of the city. In order to comply with the environmental requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, Mosvodokanal JSC has been actively involved in the reconstruction and upgrade of the municipal wastewater treatment facilities in recent years. Currently, the implementation of a large-scale project for the comprehensive reconstruction of the Liuberetskie wastewater treatment facilities has been underway. Within the framework of the project introducing advanced energy and resource-saving technologies for wastewater treatment and sludge treatment is planned. Much attention is paid to the problem of removing odors from the wastewater treatment facilities. During the reconstruction of the Liuberetskie wastewater treatment facilities the following advanced technologies are being introduced: enhanced wastewater treatment with nutrients removal (nitrogen and phosphorus); removal of nitrogen compounds from reject water using Anammox technology and removal of phosphorus compounds to obtain a mineral fertilizer – struvite; thermal decontamination of wastewater sludge with the generation of finished products and their subsequent sale at cement plants as an alternative fuel; installation of covers and systems for vent emissions purification.

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