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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.01.06
UDC 628.166

Ponomarenko A. M., Vlasov Dmitrii, Basov N. S., Novikov S. N., Koudryavtsev N. N., Kostyuchenko S. V.

Experience in introducing UV disinfection of effluents at operating extremely large-scale treatment facilities


The experience of Mosvodokanal JSC in introducing the technology of effluent disinfection is presented. The paper describes the problem, typical for the Moscow treatment facilities, of ensuring the effluent disinfection in line with the regulatory requirements. The results of long-term experimental-industrial and pilot tests for the UV-disinfection of wastewater after biological treatment carried out at the Kurianovskie wastewater treatment facilities using domestic UV equipment, revealed the high efficiency and stability of disinfection up to the standard requirements under conditions of actual fluctuations in the physical and chemical indicators of wastewater quality. The high efficiency of UV disinfection in relation to specific microorganisms, resistant to chlorination, such as viruses, coliphages, protozoan cysts, has been established. The tests carried out provided for evaluating the effectiveness of UV disinfection and developing a concept for the application of UV disinfection at the Moscow wastewater treatment facilities.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.03.04
UDC 628.52

Kuz’min V. A., Klokov Aleksandr, Dzhikirba Beslan

The experience of operating the systems for removing malodorous substances at the wastewater disposal facilities


To prevent the unpleasant odors spreading from the wastewater disposal system SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» is carrying out continuous studies and tests, and introduces various technologies, equipment and materials to reduce the concentration of malodorous substances entering the atmosphere through the ventilation system. Herewith, the main technologies used are as follows: adsorption, biofiltration, electrodischarge (plasma-catalytic) methods and the combined use of electrodischarge and sorption methods. As part of the work carried out over the past 10 years, an analysis of the operational and economic aspects was executed, as well as the effectiveness of the implemented technologies for the removal of malodorous substances at the facilities operated by the State Unitary Enterprise «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» was studied. To select the most effective technologies and equipment, a scoring analysis method was developed.

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