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UDC 628.161.2

Raff P. A., Seliukov Aleksandr

Desiliconization of ground water at the deironing-demanganization facilities


The results of investigating the technology of desiliconization of ground water typical for the Tyumen North are presented. It was found that efficient elimination of siliceous, ferriferous and manganese compounds is ensured in the process of water treatment with potassium permanganate in alkalescent environment with subsequent coagulation with AQUA-AURAT™30 polyoxychloride. However, the dosage of coagulant required to provide for the permissible silicon concentration is relatively high. Therefore, additional clarification means (e.g. two-stage filtration) shall be retrofitted into the process flow scheme. Residual aluminium concentration in filtrate did not exceed Maximum Permissible Concentration (MPC).

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UDC 628.161:536.22

Fomina V. F.

Features of Coagulation of Low Turbid, Color Water of the Vychegda Under Conditions of Low Temperature


Results of the reagent treatment of low turbid and color water of the Vychegda for the purpose of selection of the efficient method of its clarification is presented. The process of coagulation is characterized by the formation of small, poorly settling flakes. Low temperatures of water require increasing the optimal doses of coagulant almost two times and the optimal doses of flocculant more than two times. It is shown, that the water discoloration up to 5–10 degrees and its maximal clarification are achieved in and around of optimal pH values. The empirical dependences of a coagulant’s dose on influent water color with due regard for its temperature are given. The efficiency of low temperature water treatment depends substantively on flocculation process, the duration of which multiplies several times during the periods of water's low temperatures. Under these circumstances the pressure flotation is the most reasonable and efficient method of clarification.

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