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Tsukanov N. A., Budykina T. A., Spitsyn E. N., Budykina K. Iu.

On the experience of applying DynaSand filters  for drinking water deironing in Kursk


Drinking water supply of Kursk and the Kursk Area has been provided exclusively from underground water artesian sources because of the lack of affluent rivers and water bodies on the territory of the region. The given underground water is characterized by excess levels of ions of iron, manganese and hardness salts as well as by -radioactivity because of the specific geographical location and availability of the iron-ore deposit (Kursk Magnetic Anomaly). The basic method of water purification before supplying to the distribution network is disinfection with chlorine. In 2013 a drinking water deironing plant was put into operation with a capacity of 75 thousand m3/day. Water is preliminary chlorinated with sodium hypochlorite, then the generated iron hydroxide (III) sludge is removed by filtration in self-cleaning DynaSand filters manufactured by Nordic Water (Sweden). There is no analogue of deironing plant of such capacity with the use of DynaSand filters in Russia. Owing to the introduced technology the city of Kursk has been supplied with water of standard quality in relation to iron, manganese concentrations, and total hardness.

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