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UDC 628:614.842.62:006.015.7
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.01.01

Skolubovich Iurii, Primin Oleg, Gogina Elena

Problems of engineering systems of water use and scientific research on their solution


The state of public water supply and wastewater disposal systems in a considerable number of cities and towns in Russia in terms of their wear and tear and reliability causes alarm. The problems that exist today in the field of housing and public utilities are largely due to the lack of resources available with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments, and significant reduction in fundamental and applied scientific work in this area. Information is provided on the problems and possible solutions, on the tasks of scientific research discussed by «Engineering Systems of Water Use», the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, the new composition of which included well-known scientists – experts in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal systems. It is noted that in recent years, due to underfunding in the field of public utilities, an advanced wear of water treatment facilities and pipelines of wastewater disposal systems, water supply and distribution systems occurs. It is shown that the innovative developments of Russian scientists have been hardly used. This was facilitated by the fact that until now it is more profitable for housing and public utilities companies to purchase finished foreign products than to participate in the development of their own production.

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