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Lapshin A. P., Ignat'eva L. P.

Qualitative composition of drinking water at the purification and transportation stages


Poor sanitary and technical state of water distribution networks is the main reason of water quality deterioration in public water supply systems. During transportation drinking water often takes the properties that exclude the possibility of using it. At that not only corrosion processes inside the pipelines but also microorganism life activities produce negative impact. Slowdown of water flow results in the dissolved oxygen deficiency and startup of reduction processes by iron and manganese-reducing bacteria in consequences of which
metal ions deposited on the pipe walls are released into the drinking water and cause water quality deterioration. Disrepair state of the distribution pipelines and formation of biological film on the inner surface of the pipes not only produce impact on the organoleptic water properties, iron and manganese concentrations but also enhance heavy metal releasing into the drinking water during transportation. The evaluation of the technical state of the distribution network and results of the laboratory studies of the drinking water in the process of transportation revealed the low level of sanitary reliability of the public water supply in Tumen. The results of hygienic evaluation of the water distribution network showed that the municipal water distribution system is not sufficiently reliable from sanitary point of view and cannot ensure good quality of drinking water during transportation. The main cause of this problem is the influence of the dynamic factors and, as a result, pipe biofouling.

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