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Davydov A. B., Spirin E. V., Radetsky M. Yu.

Optimization of water supply system of the left bank districts of Novosibirsk


For the past 15 years a package of measures has been implemented in the Novosibirsk water supply system with the introduction of advanced equipment and technologies that provided for significant improving the reliability and efficiency of operations. The measures included installing variable-speed drives on pumping units; changing-over the operation of the pumping station to the remote control point operation, introducing pressure control system etc. To ensure the control over the water supply operation the activities on establishing automated pressure control in the water distribution network were initiated. At present 32 pressure control points have been established in the city left bank districts that allow real-time tracking the network operation parameters. All the pumping stations and most important points of the water distribution network were equipped with pressure sensors. The experts of Gorvodokanal of Novosibirsk MUE introduced a software package with the purpose of: monitoring and analyzing water consumption in water supply zones; analyzing the energy efficiency of equipment operation; monitoring and analyzing pressure losses in the water distribution network. The measures on optimizing the water supply system operation implemented in Gorvodokanal confirm that the systems designed and built in 1960–1980-ies have a big potential for upgrade. The upgrade will provide for significant reduction of operating costs and improvement of the water supply quality.

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