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Kostyuchenko S. V., Khrenov K. E., Khramenkov S. V., Filatov N. N., Glinik A. I., Kvalvasser A. I., Koudryavtsev N. N., Zhoukov V. I., Petrova O. N., Parilov P. S.

The experience of UV equipment operation at the Lyubertsy Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Moscow


The experience of the ultraviolet equipment operation for effluent disinfection at the Lyubersty wastewater treatment facilities in Moscow is presented. The modular design of UV equipment provided for establishing large-scale facilities with minimum footprint for UV-disinfection of municipal effluents (1–3 million m3/day capacity and higher). The high performance is ensured by the unique UV-modules with specially designed superpower bactericidal low pressure lamps supplemented by numerous systems of monitoring, control and energy saving. Equipping the entire wastewater treatment facilities with UV disinfection modules will ensure significant improvement of the environmental and sanitation-and-epidemiological conditions of the Moskva and Pekhorka Rivers.

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