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UDC 628.

Karmazinov F. V., Probirsky M. D., IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu., Kuznetsov P. N.

Optimization of the wastewater disposal system


In the Federal Law of the Russian Federation «On water supply and wastewater disposal» the challenges and principles of the national policy in this field have been defined. One of the challenges is «improving energy efficiency by water conservation». The experience of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» shows that achieving the above-noted challenge apart from installing water meters is possible by zoning the distribution networks and reducing the working pressure in them. However, alongside with the positive situation in water consumption in the water supply system of St. Petersburg two contrary trends have emerged that favour the increase in wastewater disposal amount: increase in wastewater inflow during the rainy season and increase of general coefficients of wastewater disposal irregularity. The contradiction emerged between the safety requirements of the branch law «On water supply and wastewater disposal», the requirements of the law «On environmental protection» related to the accidental wastewater discharge and wastewater treatment level on one side, and the changed operation conditions (increased developed land, off-design rains, increased irregularity coefficients) on the other side. Because of this meeting the requirements of the legislation and government regulations in the process of the operation of the wastewater disposal system of St. Petersburg that was basically designed and built many years ago actually is not possible. Under current conditions when the large-scale upgrade of the wastewater disposal system of the megacity is not possible the optimal resolution of the above-mentioned conflict is establishing the system of the municipal wastewater disposal system control. This will provide for solving a number of optimization tasks with criteria stated in the branch law in the form of indicators of reliability, quality, energy efficiency.

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