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UDC 628.16.065.2-926:628.16.094.413.094.3

Pokhil Yu. N., Bagaev Iurii, Mamaev V. V., Novoshintsev V. N., Valuyskikh I. V., Zhagin V. A., Boldyrev Viacheslav Viktorovich, Shokolov A. N., Belousova T. V., Smirnov V. P.

Optimization of flocculation and chlorammoniation processes at the water treatment facilities of the city of Novosibirsk


The results of long-term studies to improve the design and operating parameters of the pumping-filtration stations in Novosibirsk are presented. The schemes of the developed processes and technical means for the enhancement of disinfection and flocculation are given. The results of research on improving the processes of mixing and flocculation to provide for reducing the consumption of coagulant by more than 50% without water quality degradation achieving precipitation of the major sludge amount in the flotation chambers and at the entry of the sedimentation tanks, respectively, reducing the pollution load on filters and water consumption for their backwash. Based on the results of the research on the improvement of the technology of chlorammoniation a predictable and well-controlled process has been developed with a guaranteed decrease in the concentration of chlororganic compounds within the limits of the MPCs as well as the elimination of chloramines with the highest degree of oxidation and nitrification. The process ensures the reduction of secondary water pollution and bacteriological and hydrobiological pollution of the water treatment facilities.

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