DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.08.08

UDC 006.3:628.1

Pavlinova I. I.

Regulatory and legal framework in the field of water supply and sanitation


At present the approach to the process of developing a new regulatory framework and product quality control has been essentially changed. «MosvodokanalNIIproject» JSC already 80 years has been designing water supply and sanitation systems with the use of the RF regulatory and legal framework. Aside from designing the Institute has been well experienced in developing regulatory documents (sanitary norms and rules, codes of practice etc.). The analysis of the regulatory and legal framework conducted in the field of designing, constructing and operating water supply and sanitation systems shows that this matter has been settled at the federal level; however, at the regional level its in-depth analysis is needed. Every so often improvement and, in some cases, revision of the approved key documents is required. Avoiding shortfalls in the regulatory framework is possible only with the careful analysis of the technical and technological solutions involving a wide range of experts and with the correct amendments to the effective regulatory and legal acts.

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