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Gvozdev V. A., Kurganov Iu. A.

SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»: measures on import substitution in-progress


Measures that SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» is implementing to promote domestic production of goods for water and wastewater utilities are presented. The import substitution policy maintained at the enterprise already delivers positive results. The share of imported products in total purchases in 2017 was reduced from 30% in 2014 to 1.5%. Beginning from 2015 Vodokanal of St. Petersburg has been in close contact with the Russian enterprises-manufacturers of products for water and wastewater utilities. Joint activities on promoting Russian products are carried out on the principles of transparent information exchange and co-resolution of arising problems. At present the problem of import substitution of tubular products has been practically solved. There are domestic manufacturers of shutoff and control valves and pumping equipment, and foreign brands that have established local manufacturing in Russia. In the process of reconstruction domestic water meters, pressure gauges and pumping equipment are used. Besides, in the Southern water supply zone «NEMO-AQUA» domestic software has been introduced. In order to overcome the technological inferiority of the Russian industry establishing domestic production of goods with improved characteristics compared to available similar products is required. This approach will provide for increasing the share of applied innovative technologies, products and materials.

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