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UDC 628.1/.3:66.013.5

Meshengisser Yu. M.

30 years of growth and development


The analysis of engineering works in the field of water supply and sanitation indicates that the market demands are much higher than the supply. The time it takes to establish a qualified engineering company is 7–10 years. As experience shows there should be continuity in engineering; it requires personnel of various qualifications who can work in one team. The period 2015–2020 is characterized by significant growth of both the Ecopolymer Group of companies and, first of all, MY PROJECT engineering company. MY PROJECT simultaneously implements 16–18 large-scale integrated projects with up to 20 packages each. All stages of design work are supervised by a project engineering manager (PEM). A great deal of experience has been accumulated in undergoing the environmental and technical expertise of projects for the reconstruction of large-scale treatment facilities with a capacity of more than 50 thousand m3/day.
In the last two years alone, 15 positive expert opinions have been received. The products of Ecopolymer Manufacturing Enterprise (Kaluga Region) are not only highly competitive in efficiency and quality with imported counterparts, but in a number of types of equipment are superior to them - the import phaseout program is in full play. The products of «Ecopolymer» ME are recommended by the RF Ministry of Construction for the introduction at the enterprises of housing and utilities infrastructure of the Russian Federation suggesting the reliability and quality of the equipment.

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UDC 628.1/.2:65.012.6

Gvozdev V. A., Kurganov Iu. A.

SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»: measures on import substitution in-progress


Measures that SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» is implementing to promote domestic production of goods for water and wastewater utilities are presented. The import substitution policy maintained at the enterprise already delivers positive results. The share of imported products in total purchases in 2017 was reduced from 30% in 2014 to 1.5%. Beginning from 2015 Vodokanal of St. Petersburg has been in close contact with the Russian enterprises-manufacturers of products for water and wastewater utilities. Joint activities on promoting Russian products are carried out on the principles of transparent information exchange and co-resolution of arising problems. At present the problem of import substitution of tubular products has been practically solved. There are domestic manufacturers of shutoff and control valves and pumping equipment, and foreign brands that have established local manufacturing in Russia. In the process of reconstruction domestic water meters, pressure gauges and pumping equipment are used. Besides, in the Southern water supply zone «NEMO-AQUA» domestic software has been introduced. In order to overcome the technological inferiority of the Russian industry establishing domestic production of goods with improved characteristics compared to available similar products is required. This approach will provide for increasing the share of applied innovative technologies, products and materials.

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UDC 628.166

Zhuravkova I. V.

Import substitution in full play


According to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation the economic model of the country development shall be restructured to provide for the import substitution of the technologies applied in strategically significant branches using internal sources. «Nevskii Crystal» Research and Production Company has developed and manufactured a wide assortment of electrolyzers for produ­cing and dosing low concentrated electrolytic sodium hypochlorite. The units conform fully to the international standards.

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UDC 628.1/.2:621.65
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.02.04

Kosteuk Aleksandr, Sokolov Sergei

Consideration of the load profile while sizing the pump


The efficiency of pumping equipment is a priority for water supply providers. The main condition for the efficient operation of pumps is the correct choice of pump parameters and methods of their control in accordance with the requirements of the system. A specific feature of water supply systems is a wide variety of operating modes both within 24 hours and projected for several years. A practical example shows the need to take into account the actual and prospective modes of operating a pumping station while selecting the sizes of pumping units. An analysis of the operating modes of pumps of different sizes and control methods is given. Specific and total energy consumption was used as a criterion for estimating the best option. This provides for the efficient and reliable operation of pumping equipment throughout the entire life cycle.

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