DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.02.02
UDC 628.16.065.2-926

Oskolkov N. V., Bogdanov B. A., Mamaev V. V., Borovkov M. L., Nazarenko N. P., Golovin V. M., Pan’kov A. S.

Selection of optimal coagulation technologies and chemicals
for the purification of specific natural waters
(for discussion)


Over the past 25 years the leading Russian manufacturers of coagulants have been continuously busy with the optimization of processes, technologies, chemicals, facilities and equipment associated with coagulation of water primarily from water sources of specific composition – rivers of the North-West and South of Russia, Western Siberia and the Far East, Kazakhstan, etc. Mixed coagulants based on the synergistic effect of the interaction of components provide for an effective solution for purifying water of complex composition. In May 2020, the new GOST R 58580-2019 «Polyaluminum chloride. Technical Specifications» will come into effect that recommends the use of the chemical to the Russian water utilities regardless of the specific characteristics of the water sources used for water supply. This standard unreasonably regulates a number of indicators, iron concentration, in particular. This devaluates the efforts of researchers and practitioners aimed at improving the processes of purifying water of complex composition using iron-containing mixed chemicals.

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