DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.03.01
UDC 624.131.67:666.973.2

Strelkov A. K., Bykova P. G., Gridneva M. A., Dvorianinova Elena

Comparative analysis of the physicomechanical properties
of natural materials used as filter media


The results of the study of physicomechanical properties of filtering materials – crushed expanded clay with a bulk density of 525 and 555 kg/m3 and Diamix AQUA with a bulk density of 670 kg/m3 are presented. Easy upheaving clays of a certain chemical and mineral composition serve as raw materials for expanded clay production, for Diamix AQUA production raw material based on natural diatomite that includes exoskeletons of diatoms is used. Oxide concentration in Diamix AQUA is: SiO2 more than 83%, Al2O3 less than 6% and Fe2O3 less than 3.5%. Diamix AQUA filtering material has a National Registration Certificate. The research results showed that the new filtering material based on Diamix AQUA can be used as media for newly constructed filtration facilities. To regenerate the filter media, an increased backwashing rate is needed, which requires checking the throughput of the filter drainage and distribution system to pass through the increased water flow rate.

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