DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.03.02
UDC 628.16

Shuvalov M. V., Strelkov A. K., Shuvalov S. V.

Choice of design parameters – the flow rate and water quality of a surface water source while designing a water treatment plant


Statistical data over a period of 12 years on the quality of water in the Bolshoi Kinel River at the water intake of the Kinel city of the Samara Region and the procedure for allocating design parameters to the structures while designing a new water treatment plant are provided. The process flow scheme adopted by the project provides for the following processes: screening in microfilters, ozonation, lime-soda softening, coagulation, sedimentation in clarifiers with sludge blanket, filtration and disinfection. The following facilities were designed as part of the chemical treatment facilities: a unit for introducing powdered activated carbon into the treated water before rapid filters; hydrochloric acid injection unit for adjusting pH value of purified water; water reuse facilities, sludge thickening and mechanical dewatering facilities. The construction of the start-up package of the water treatment plant has been completed. To carry out the calculation of the structures of water treatment plants, allocating three combinations of the values of the calculated parameters – water flow rate and quality (concentration of determining ingredients) of the source water depending on the type of structure or process equipment is proposed.

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