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UDC 628.16.065.2

Getmantsev S. V.

System of Selection of Effective Technologies of Natural Water Treatment with the Use of Aluminium-Containing Coagulant


The accumulated experimental data on the use of aluminium-containing coagulants for natural water treatment found a reflection in numerous publications and monographs. The results of these studies make it possible to judge about the efficiency of application of aluminium sulphate and aluminium polyoxychloride for treatment of surface waters of various compositions as well as evaluate the influence of different water quality indicators on the efficiency of the use of coagulants. Data and results of own studies on the use of AQUA-AURAT™ coagulants which make it possible to reveal certain regularities are systematized and generalized. The algorithm of selection of AQUA-AURAT™ coagulants and technologies of their use depending on the quality indicators of natural water and characteristics of coagulants has been developed. The offered system realized in the form of a program module may serve as a practical instrument for selection of a reagent and determination of technological parameters of natural water treatment at existing or newly-designed treatment facilities.

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