UDC 661.183.12
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.08.03

Pavelkova Anna, Spitsov D. V.

Current state of the ion exchange resin market (a review)


Widespread use of ion exchange plants for both natural water and industrial wastewater treatment is driven by the use of various ion exchange resins. It provides for selecting a unit for both complete desalination of water and selective purification depending on the demands of work. The main fields of ion exchange application are considered. The specific features of ionite selection are analyzed depending on the type of filter regeneration, filtration mode and rate. The lack of a unified classification of ion exchange resins hampers their optimal choice since the very name gives no idea of their properties, which requires careful study of the characteristics. A comprehensive analysis of the current ionite market according to the classical classification, their interchangeability, possible import phaseout has been executed. The optimal choice of an ion exchange resin with the minimum cost of the treated water is made after a comprehensive analysis of the quality indicators of the treated and source water, filtration mode, type of the plant.

Key words

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