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UDC 627.8.059.22

Pokrovsky G. I., Voinitch-Syanozhentsky T. G.

Analyzing the causes of ground retaining structure failures of waterworks of integral use


A great number of ground water retaining structures of waterworks in Russia and other countries has been made of soil and stone; accordingly they are classified as ground waterworks. Failures of the retaining structures are often caused by uncontrolled filtration in the body, landfalls, culvert contact points, and in the base. Analyzing the cause of failures is required for the development of measures of their prevention and elimination of destructive effects in future. A number of ground waterworks failures that occurred in Russia and other countries are considered with the purpose of analyzing their causes and consequences.

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UDC 628.21.62-192

GALPERIN E. M., Strelkov A. K.

The reliability of municipal sewers


The aspects of the reliability of municipal sewers are considered. The reliable transportation of raw wastewater to the treatment facilities is extremely important for the normal town-living. At present there is no authorized quantitative index of sewer reliability. Municipal sewer is a comprehensive technical system and the reliability indices shall be designated as appropriate. The use of the mathematical model of such facilities provides for determining the complex of the sewer reliability indices. The factors that affect the sewer reliability are analyzed; specific measures of its improvement are suggested.

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UDC 628.162


Improvement of a Design Model of Operation of a Ring Water Supply Network


Issues of improvement of the design model of operation of the ring water supply network taking into account statistical data on its operation are considered. It is proposed to make corrections in the standards of water supply systems designing and supplement them with execution of reliability calculations of the ring water supply network.

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