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UDC 504.064


Applying the Best Available Technologies concept in the substantiation  of the system of engineering protection of natural water from pollution


The contemporary science-methodical and regulatory base supposes the wide application of the Best Available Technologies principle including the implementation of environmental protection activities. As a result of studies and model simulations three basic causes of underground and surface water pollution on the considered territory of the Sosnovsk oil deposit in the Samara Area were identified: fracking that includes discharging produced and waste water into the stratum; industrial waste leakages from cushion holes and service wells; leakages from distribution pipelines and tanks with the subsequent filtration through the aeration zone into underground and surface waters. A mathematical model of underground water filtration with establishing a specialized information system was developed. Simulating filtration in operating strata where industrial wastewater is pumped provides for evaluating the pressure of the stratum and, consequently, the so-called adverse effect level that is determined by the ratio of the pressure in the stratum to the fracking pressure. The calculations of underground water filtration were carried out both under stationary and non-stationary conditions with the use of MODFLOW Model. The basic conceptual framework of the Best Available Technologies principle as applied to the problem of desi­gning the systems of engineering protection of underground and surface water from pollution is presented. The example of implemen­ting the presented conceptual framework in the location of landfills for produced and waste water discharges in the Samara Area is given. It was determined that the best option shall be chosen on the basis of the business and economic calculations.

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UDC 628.218:628.334.6

Yermolin Yu. A.

On the calculation of the capacity of intermediate storage tanks
in storm sewer networks (further to the discussion)


Within the framework of the announced discussion («Calculation method for determining the capacity of intermediate storage tanks in storm sewer networks», article by G. Gudkov, published in No. 6 of the journal for 2020), the results of one particular case of developing a method of approximate calculation of the capacity of an intermediate storage tank in a storm sewer were critically «analyz» and «accuracy» criteria. It is noted that in some cases, with a high degree of uncertainty of the initial data, these criteria may contradict each other. It is concluded that the approximation of rain hydrographs by more simple functions of time, convenient for subsequent analysis, is acceptable without any significant loss of accuracy. On this basis, an expression was obtained for calculating the capacity of an intermediate storage tank in storm sewer networks. The compact formula is more convenient for engineering calculations than the one presented in the above-mentioned article.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.11.01
UDC 502/504


Criterial approach to substantiation of the best available techniques for engineering protection against hazardous techno-natural processes


Prediction of measures and construction of facilities for engineering protection from hazardous processes has a number of specific features that should be borne in mind while developing a method for substantiating the best available techniques. The mathematical tools that provide for substantiating the choice of a technology for engineering protection from hazardous techno-natural processes, that can be assigned to the best available techniques, are under development. One of the approaches is presented that allows, on the basis of quantitative assessments, to substantiate the choice of an option of engineering protection against hazardous techno-natural processes. This approach is based on the expert-analytical method for assessing the risk from hazardous natural-technogenic processes that has been widely used in recent years. Mathematical tools have been proposed that provide for reasonably approaching the choice of the best available technique for engineering protection against hazardous techno-natural processes, taking into account the capabilities of the owner, his position in the current situation and development prospects.

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UDC 628.21.62-192

GALPERIN E. M., Strelkov A. K.

The reliability of municipal sewers


The aspects of the reliability of municipal sewers are considered. The reliable transportation of raw wastewater to the treatment facilities is extremely important for the normal town-living. At present there is no authorized quantitative index of sewer reliability. Municipal sewer is a comprehensive technical system and the reliability indices shall be designated as appropriate. The use of the mathematical model of such facilities provides for determining the complex of the sewer reliability indices. The factors that affect the sewer reliability are analyzed; specific measures of its improvement are suggested.

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UDC 628.144:532.542

Baranchikova N. I., Yepifanov S. P., Zorkaltsev V. I., Kurtin A. V., Obuzdin S. Iu.

Flow distribution in water supply and distribution systems with automatic pressure regulators


The task of flow distribution in general pipeline systems including the systems of water supply and distribution with automatic pressure regulators is considered. To improve the reliability of the system operation pressure regulators are often installed «downstream» (redu­cing valves) and «upstream» (tank release valves). Pressure regulators manufactured by Bermad have been installed in the water distribution networks of Irkutsk; that provided for reducing and stabilizing the pressure in some zones. However zones exist that are supplied from several water pipelines with different pressure at the connection points, therefore sometimes complete closing of some regulators occurs (more often with small diameters) or flow reversal is possible, and the water flows through the regulator in the opposite direction. In this case the regulator fails to fulfill its function. Mathematical modeling of such situations is very important because it is them which significantly complicate the operation of the water supply and distribution systems. Mathematical models of automatic «upstream» and «downstream» pressure and pressure drop regulators are suggested with account of their version: normally open or normally closed. The mathematical formulation of the problem of flow distribution in the systems of water supply and distribution with pressure regulators is presented. The critical for the practice task of flow distribution in the pipelines with automatic regulators has been solved for the setting that describes different scenarios of the automatic regulators operation. A simple and efficient method of solving the set task of flow distribution that does not require derivation and has rapid enough convergence is suggested. On the basis of the numerical experiments it is fair to assume that the number of iterations moderately depends on the dimension of the problem (number of nodes and semicircular arcs), considerably depends on spread of hydraulic resistance values and to a lesser extent – node selection.

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UDC 628.142.001.24

Belyaev N. N., Sukacheva I. N., Radetsky M. Yu.

Practice of Сarrying out Hydraulic Calculations on the Example of Water Supply System of the Right-Bank Part of Novosibirsk


One of the most important problems confronting the heads of water supply-sewerage services enterprises, – the reduction of energy and operating expenses for operation of water supply and water distribution systems, – is considered. Economic reasonability of a multiple-choice hydraulic calculation of the water supply network of the right-bank part of Novosibirsk is shown. As a result of the technological studies and a series of hydraulic calculations, the most rational (in the event of an increase in the volume of water consumption in the future) scheme of development of the water supply network of the city has been developed. In a complex with hydraulic calculations of the water supply and distribution system of the right-bank part of Novosibirsk a check calculation of the sufficiency of pure water tanks capacity has been carried out and the quality of water supplied to the consumer for revealing the corrosive-aggressive properties has been analyzed.

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