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UDC 006.3:628.3:504.069

Danilovich Dmitrii, Budnitskii D., Novikov A.

Switch over to the technologic regulation of effluent discharges from municipal wastewater treatment facilities: ten years track record and recommendations after the adoption of the complete package of regulatory legal acts


On behalf of the participants in the process, a description of the concept of technological regulation of wastewater discharges from settlements, the development and adoption of legislative acts for the switch over to the new system is given. The paper dwells upon the adoption of the final regulatory legal act (Government Decree of September 2020 No. 1430), completing the development of a legislative framework designed to put an end on the use of fishery maximum permissible concentrations as wastewater discharge standards. Explanations are given on the relationship between the status of the provisions of the updated information and technical reference book ITS 10-2015 and the specified resolution in different applications. Recommendations are given for municipal wastewater treatment facilities and engineering companies on priority actions in the preparation and drawing up of applications for integrated environmental permits and design specifications and estimates according to the new regulations. Attention is drawn to the fact that switching over to a new regulation system requires assigning a category to a water body (performed by Rosvodresursy); otherwise the application of the process parameters established by the Government of the Russian Federation is impossible. The specific features of designing treatment facilities in the new regulation system are noted.


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