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Pokhil Yu. N., Bagaev Iurii, Novoshintsev V. N.

Preparation of high quality water in the city of Novosibirsk


The current concept of water treatment is based on the simultaneous sustainable use of several methods, technologies and technical solutions that provide for the high water quality and multibarrier protection. Such approach is implemented at the filtration pumping stations operated by «Gorvodokanal» of Novosibirsk, MUE. Water treatment is carried out following the traditional flow scheme: horizontal settling tanks and rapid filters with chlorine disinfection. Lately the water treatment technology has been improved according to the new regulatory requirements and on the basis of the conducted research. The stages of improving water treatment technologies at the filtration pumping stations operated by «Gorvodokanal» of Novosibirsk, MUE are described. The availability of several technologies and technical solutions focused on ensuring the epidemiological safety and high water quality in the process flow scheme not only makes this scheme exclusively sustainable and versatile but also minimizes the drawbacks typical for each of the methods. The introduction of the described technologies and technical solutions provided for achieving the maximum efficiency of water treatment, optimizing the operation expenses, reducing the negative by-effects and ensuring high drinking water quality. In case of emergency (in case of water source pollution) the availability of several technologies will help to reduce the risks of water quality deterioration at the treatment facilities.

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