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UDC 628.1/.3.001.2

Pupyrev E. I.

The 75th anniversary of MosvodokanalNIIproject


The wide range of activities and many years’ experience of the «MosvodokanalNIIproject» OJSC team in the field of designing public utilities provide for the successful implementation of the tasks of creating the comfortable urban environment for the Moscow citizens and maximum improving the public services according to the plans of the megacity development and reconstruction. Upon the projects of the «MosvodokanalNIIproject» Institute all the Moscow water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities, water and wastewater pumping stations, as well as the main facilities for solid waste management have been built. Besides, upon the projects of the Institute the system of the facilities for mel­ting and disposal of snow removed from the city mains has been built. The specialists of the Institute are designing general schemes for water supply, wastewater disposal and sanitation facilities for many Russian and CIS regions. The main line of research is ensuring the integrity and environmental safety of the municipal engineering life support systems, inclu­ding water treatment improvement, development of regulatory and guidance documents, inspection of water bodies and urban areas. The information on the «MosvodokanalNIIproject» OJSC activities in the field of designing the engineering systems of the public utilities in recent times is presented.

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UDC 628.221

Vereshchagina Lidiia, SHVETSOV V. N.

Explanation of separate provisions of the Recommendations for designing the systems of the surface runoff from residential areas and industrial sites collection, disposal and treatment


Guidelines and regulations for designing the systems of surface runoff (rainfall, snow-melt, street washwater) from residential areas and industrial sites disposal and treatment are presented as well as the comments to the provisions of Code of Practice 32.13330.2012 «Sewerage. Public Utilities» and «Recommendations for designing the systems of collection, removal and treatment of the surface runoff from residential areas, industrial sites; and determining the conditions for its discharge into the water bodies» («NII VODGEO» OJSC). The above-noted documents permit disposal for treatment of the most polluted part of the surface runoff in the amount of more than 70% of the annual runoff from residential areas and industrial sites similar to them in pollution level, and the total runoff from industrial sites with the territories that could be polluted with specific substances with toxic properties or significant concentrations of organics. The common practice of designing engineering structures of separate and combined sewers that allow short-term discharges of part of runoff into water bodies through separating chambers (storm-overflow sewers) at heavy (storm) rains of rare occurrence is considered. The cases are considered related to the refusal of the territorial directorates of State expert assessment department and Russian Federal Fisheries Agency to allow activities in relation to the capital construction projects under design pursuant to article 60 of the RF Water Code that prohibits discharging wastewater without sanitary treatment and decontamination into water bodies.

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