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UDC 628.113.8:504.064.2

Boronina L. V., Sadchikov P. N.

The appraisal of surface water sources quality


The results of the statistical appraisal of the parameters indicating the growth of vast majority of pollutants in the total volume of water samples are presented. Herewith the absolute values of the basic growth are positive, which is the evidence of the pollution buildup compared to 2006. The positive values of chain growth indicate unfavorable dynamics of the gradual increase of the given substances in weight; whereas the relevant comparative values (basic and chain increase and growth rates) show their percentage build-up.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.02.03
UDC 504.4.054:528.88

Agaev F. G., Dzhafarova B. L., Alieva A. D.

Development of a new method of estimating the quality
of contaminated water


The article dwells upon the development of a new method of estimating the quality of contaminated water in water sources. At present, the water quality index is most widely used which is a calculated parameter indicating the cumulative effect of all factors characterizing the water quality. A brief review of the indicators for estimating the pollution of water bodies is given. A well-known fact about the presence of some statistical relationship between the value WQIj of a water body and the type of the reflectance profile is selected as the fundamental proposition of the conducted studies. On the basis of two known indicators of the water body pollution: WQIj water quality index recommended by the World Health Organization, and multifaceted regression estimate, a new indicator is developed in the form of a scalar polynomial, numerically equal to WQIj value for the studied sampling point. The possibility of using the database information on the pollution of the studied water body is shown to calculate the proposed estimation of its pollution.

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