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Meshengisser Yu. M.

Track record and «Ecopolymer» Company development path


The research and production activities of «Ecopolymer» Company for 25 years including the development of theoretical methods and programs of wastewater treatment quality assessment, designing powerful research installations of European level and computation software; executing turn-key projects (complete set of products and services from one supplier) have been summarized. The Company’s developments have been tested and introduced at the high capacity treatment facilities. «Ecopolymer» Company is associated with such notions as retechnologisation and advanced concept of water supply and wastewater disposal project, construction and upgrade management. The best available technologies have been used in all the projects including nitri-denitrification and phosphorus removal, advanced high efficiency equipment and process automated control systems. The next stage of «Ecopolymer» Company development was the separation of production and engineering business. My Project brand includes designing «turn-key» projects of treatment facilities construction and upgrade, and complete supervision of their implementation. We have established a real school of professional engineers that have advanced knowledge, creativity, energy and interpersonal skills.

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