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UDC 628.16

Bykova P. G., Strelkov A. K., Zanina Zh. V., Zanin M. A., Poniaeva A. P.

Filter wash water reuse


The technology of filter wash water reuse in the technological process at the main facilities of a filtration pumping station in Otradnyi town, Samara Area, is suggested. The basic characteristics of natural and wash water have been determined; the required parameters of the wash water clarification facilities have been calculated. The experimental results and calculations showed the possibility of using horizontal sedimentation tanks taken out of operation for wash water clarification with the purpose of its reuse. Basing on the experimental results the relationship between wash water and river flow rates prior to supplying to the mixing tank was stated. The basic operational characteristics of the facilities for wash water treatment have been determined. At present detailed engineering of reusing wash water at the filtration pumping station of Otradnyi town is underway. The suggested process solution will provide for solving the important environmental protection task – to eliminate the discharge of wash water and sludge generated at the filtration pumping station into the Liman Lake and to protect the lake from silting.

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UDC 628.336.57:628.162.52

Artemenok N. D., Pokhil Yu. N., Mamaev V. V.

Improving the processes of wash water and water sludge treatment
at the water treatment plants of Novosibirsk


For two years studies of wash water and water sludge treatment processes were carried out at the two biggest water treatment plants of the city of Novosibirsk. The research results allowed framing the main directions of further utilization of wash water and water sludge. Taking into account the existing practice of operating the plants located on the opposite banks of the river Ob separate treatment of the wash water from the rapid filters and wastewater (blowing water) from horizontal settling tanks, mixing and flocculation chambers was suggested. Wash water from rapid filters purified to the quality of drinking water passes through the surge tank and is fed into the clean water tank of the water treatment plant; whereas wastewater from the sludge thickener settlers after mechanical treatment or without any treatment is discharged into the municipal sewer. Part of wastewater from the sludge thickener after treatment is processed together with filter wash water in specially designed or horizontal settlers and rapid filters isolated from the main process scheme. The suggested process solution will provide for eliminating wash water and water sludge disposal into the water bodies. The results of the experimental studies provided for determining the main technical characteristics of the operation of the wash water and water sludge treatment facilities; engineering institutions were given the recommendations on detailed designing. Putting into operation the wash water and water sludge treatment system will provide for the solution of the important environmental task for the third largest city in Russia.

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