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UDC 628.32:628.336.321

Strelkov A. K., Kichigin V. I., Tsypin A. V.

Local Treatment of Industrial Wastewater of the Samara Tank Factory Before Discharge into City Sewerage


A flow chart of local treatment of wash water of a hot metal galvanizing line making it possible to reuse them in production is proposed. It is established that in the course of waste water treatment according to the flow chart proposed the salt content in wash water does not increase and the total volume of water consumption and wastewater disposal of the factory is reduced. A possibility of using the filter-press for water clarification at reagent treatment is proved. The technology of reverse osmosis is used for organization of recirculating water supply.

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UDC 628.162.15

Skolubovich Iurii, Voytov E. L., Karmalov A. I., Skolubovich Yu. L.

Treatment and Utilization of Wash Water of High-Rate Filters of Deferrization Stations


Issues of the intensification of coagulation treatment processes of wash water of the deferrization station’s high-rate filters are considered. Shortcomings of the existing flow chart of treatment and the reuse of wash water of filtration stations are exposed. The scheme of the unit and results of experimental studies for selection of an efficient reagent, treatment and utilization of filters’ wash water are presented. A new technology of reagent clarification and multiple use of deferrization station’s wash water is offered.

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UDC 628.16

Bykova P. G., Strelkov A. K., Zanina Zh. V., Zanin M. A., Poniaeva A. P.

Filter wash water reuse


The technology of filter wash water reuse in the technological process at the main facilities of a filtration pumping station in Otradnyi town, Samara Area, is suggested. The basic characteristics of natural and wash water have been determined; the required parameters of the wash water clarification facilities have been calculated. The experimental results and calculations showed the possibility of using horizontal sedimentation tanks taken out of operation for wash water clarification with the purpose of its reuse. Basing on the experimental results the relationship between wash water and river flow rates prior to supplying to the mixing tank was stated. The basic operational characteristics of the facilities for wash water treatment have been determined. At present detailed engineering of reusing wash water at the filtration pumping station of Otradnyi town is underway. The suggested process solution will provide for solving the important environmental protection task – to eliminate the discharge of wash water and sludge generated at the filtration pumping station into the Liman Lake and to protect the lake from silting.

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