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UDC 628.1/3

Danilov A. N., KINEBAS A. K., Rublevskaya O. N., Gvozdev V. A.

Development of water supply and wastewater disposal technologies to supply Saint-Petersburg with clean water and protect the environment of the Baltic Sea Region


The description of process solutions applied by SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» for the development of the water supply and wastewater disposal systems in the XXI century is presented. Advanced technologies are the tools for achieving the core targets of the enterprise – delivering high-quality water supply and wastewater disposal services that will provide for the good living standards for the citizens, sustainable development of the metropolis, development of the water use culture and conservation of the Baltic Sea Marine. The information of the measures that provided for reducing the water consumption, improving the safety and reliability of the water supply of Saint-Petersburg is stated. The measures are highlighted that provided for the purification of 98.6% wastewater amount, allowed to introduce the technology of nutrients removal from wastewater at all the treatment facilities, to solve the problem of sludge utilization. The innovative technologies used in the construction and upgrade of sewers and networks are described. The information on the advanced solutions of snow utilization in the city is presented. The advanced technical solutions, materials and equipment applied at the facilities operated by SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» are the output of the continuous cooperation of the enterprise with domestic manufacturers, scientific and educational institutions, exchange of experience with the Russian and foreign water utilities.

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UDC 628.16.004.69(571.61/.64)

Kondratyeva L. M., Rousinov I. S., Domnin K. V.

Environmental safety and water treatment technology improvement in the Amur River Region


Advanced approaches to the water treatment processes with the use of local natural zeolites that improve the environmental safety are considered. Among the basic trends in developing water treatment technologies special attention is given to chemical free methods of the Amur water purification with the help of natural sorbents and biochemical processes activation in biofilms, water in the public systems polishing and stimulation of ground water deironing in local water treatment.

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