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UDC 628.35:62-278:725.42

Kharkina O. V., Strelkov A. K., Stepanov S. V., Stashok Yu. E., Sven Baumgarten, Josef Sheren

Treatment of Syzran oil refinery industrial wastewater in membrane bioreactor


The results of investigating biomembrane technology of Syzran oil refinery industrial wastewater treatment are presented. The kinetic parameters of nitrification-denitrification processes are determined. It was demonstrated that biomembrane technology provided for the intensification of these processes alongside with meeting the requirements set to the effluent quality in relation to nitrogen compounds whether with or without addition of biodegradable substrate. The experimental data proved the possibility of either using the effluent for industrial closed-loop water system makeup after partial desalination or (and) discharging it into surface water bodies after polishing with sorption.

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