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UDC 628.161

NEFEDOVA E. D., Feofanov Yu. A.

The experience of operating new water treatment facilities
at the South Water Treatment Plant in Saint-Petersburg


The information on specific features of the process flow schemes of drinking water preparation at the municipal water treatment plants in Saint-Petersburg is presented. The process of drinking water treatment at the new water treatment facilities (K-6 Block) of the South Water Treatment Plant is described where the cutting-edge technologies of water treatment are used. The technologies ensure the standard drinking water quality as regards all the indicators prescribed by Sanitary Rules and Regulations at any possible changes in the Neva River water quality, in particular in case of unfavorable and accidental events in water sources (in case of accidental discharges, storms at the Ladoga etc.). An automated water quality control system with the use of flow-type analyzers fed with water samples taken continuously at different points of the treatment process has been introduced at the plant. This provides for the on-line information on the operation efficiency of separate units for operating control. The analysis of the operational data for K-6 Block that includes lamella clarifiers, double-layer filters with sand media and activated carbon is presented. Herewith wash water and sludge treatment and utilization are provided. The results of the comprehensive water quality analysis for 51 parameters at the outlet of K-6 Block at the South Water Treatment Plant are given.

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