UDC 628.24:69.059

LOMBAS S. V., Zhitenev A. I., Perminov N. A.

Geotechnical support of the zero-defect life cycle of unique sewage pumping stations in complex engineering and geological environments


For the sustainable development of megalopolises, the sustainable operation of the urban underground engineering infrastructure has been one of the prime factors where the main sewage pumping stations are unique elements. On the basis of the study of extensive pilot and experimental materials, the specific features of the operation of long-term operating head sewage pumping stations built by the method of large-sized coffers in a complex soil environment are analyzed. The results of the long-term monitoring of the technical state of structures are given, the classification of defects and the dynamics of their development are given. Based on the results of modeling the joint operation of the systems «lowerable shell of the pumping station – the inclosing geomass» and results of the experiments, the actual bearing capacity of the structure is predicted, as also preventive geotechnical measures are proposed to ensure the trouble-free life cycle of the underground structure at the pilot wastewater facilities. Geotechnological methods for protecting pumping stations with monitoring support have been developed. A unique experience of practical application of the developed methods at the stages of the life cycle of the head sewage pumping stations at the facilities of the SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg», including design, construction and operation, is presented.

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