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УДК 658.155:628.1/.2

Fomin A. V.

The concept of water and wastewater utilities upgrade management


Basic reserves of improving the efficiency of water and wastewater utilities are summarized. The concept of water and wastewater utility upgrade management is substantiated and three main stages are identified, i. e. demand management; dynamic engineering investments in the upgrade of water treatment, power equipment and shabby pipelines with the involvement of targeted debt financing; sustainable development with equity financing. The expediency of the upgrade budgetary financing is considered.

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UDC 628.356:661.63

KOZLOV M. N., KAZAKOVA E. A., Kharkina O. V., Dorofeev A. G., Nikolaev A. V.

A New Factor of Control of Facilities for Biological Removal of Phosphates from Wastewater


A new technological indicator making it possible to improve the efficiency and stability of phosphates removal at the facilities of biological treatment of wastewater for biogenic elements – the periodicity of change of phosphates concentration in the end of the anaerobic technological zone – is described. The use of this indicator reflecting the activity of phosphate accumulating bacteria has been assumed as a basis of a new algorithm of control of treatment facilities using the technology of biogenic elements removal and led to improvement of the efficiency of phosphates removal by 1,5–1,7 times.

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UDC 628.1/.3.196

GALPERIN E. M., Strelkov A. K.

On the reliability of water supply  and wastewater collection systems


Integrity of operation is the most important attribute of the water distribution and wastewater collection networks. However up to now the regulatory documents lack the definition of this notion. By the case studies of the water distribution network operation the great losses that the national economy incurs due to the lack of the integrity indicators in the construction rules and regulations have been demonstrated. It is noted that introducing these indicators will provide for the significant improvements in the design methods and evaluation of the operation of water and wastewater systems. A considerable number of the experts are not ready to change the conventional working arrangements ignoring the Order of the RF Ministry of Regional Development that offers the indicators that take into account the reliability of operation. The RF Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities must display insistence and perseverance in adopting a firm technical policy in relation to this issue.

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UDC 628.166

Skryabin A. Yu., Zharov A. A.

Introduction of safe technologies of water disinfection and elimination of hazardous industrial facilities


The problems related to the use of liquid chlorine for drinking and wastewater disinfection at the «Rostovvodokanal» JSC facilities in the city of Rostov-on-Don are considered. It is pointed to preventing the operation of hazardous industrial facilities within the city boundaries. Alternative technologies of drinking water disinfection are considered. The comparison of international and domestic drinking water disinfection equipment with the use of low concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution was made. The process and technical solution suggested by «Ecofes» SPE was chosen. The question on the inadequacy and imperfection of the water disinfection technology was raised. It was decided to use ultraviolet irradiation at the second stage of water disinfection. «LIT» Trading Company LLC was chosen as a principle supplier. It was also decided to abandon disinfection of effluents with chlorine. At present within the frames of the integrated investment projects based on PPP principle «Rostovvodokanal» JSC is constructing and operating facilities that ensure efficient and safe drinking water and effluent disinfection.

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