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UDC 628.31

Pokhil Yu. N., Pupyrev E. I., Bagaev Yu. G., Bivalkevich A. I.

The specific features of introducing the principle of best available technologies in municipal wastewater treatment


The aspects of implementing the principle of best available technologies in municipal wastewater treatment are considered. The analysis of the techniques of determining the permissible concentrations of pollutants discharged into the water bodies is presented. The classification of typical technologies of municipal wastewater treatment is given. Based on the summary data on the best available technologies the levels of basic pollutants removal from municipal wastewater are presented. The priority of introducing process-oriented regulatory actions for public utilities in 2012 is pointed out. The quality parameters of effluents discharged into the water bodies with account of their condition are suggested as technically achievable and sufficient for being observed environmental standards.

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UDC 504.75.06:628.31

Pupyrev E. I., Shelomkov A. S.

Economic assessment of environmentally safe wastewater treatment technologies


In the competitive environment in Russia customers and investors shall take into account economic factors when designing municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Cost-effective and environmentally efficient wastewater treatment technologies are determined with account of regional specific features when siting the treatment facilities. Three representative groups of settlements are specified: rural (less than 20 thousand residents), towns (50-100 thousand residents), cities and megacities. The characteristics of municipal wastewater typical for every group are presented. Wastewater of rural settlements contains high concentrations of suspended solids and nutrients. Effluents of towns and cities contain heavy metals resulting as a rule from raw industrial wastewater discharges. The requirements to the effluent quality of typical settlements are presented. For every group of settlements the environmentally acceptable treatment technologies are suggested and economically substantiated. The following wastewater treatment technologies have been analyzed: full aerobic biological treatment; advanced biological treatment with nutrients removal (nitrogen, phosphorus); advanced biological treatment with nutrients removal (nitrogen, phosphorus) with tertiary treatment at filtration facilities and sorption filters. The suggested approach to the selection of a wastewater treatment technology with account of the economic and environmental conditions can be used in designing other systems of ecological purpose.

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