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UDC 628.162.15

Nikitin A. M., Skolubovich Iurii, Voytov E. L.

Enhancement of Efficiency of Water Supply Stations Operation


Issues of intensification of processes of coagulation treatment of low-temperature, low-turbidity and high-chromaticity water from surface sources of water supply using the reactor-clarifiers of a new design are considered. The reactor-clarifier combines advantages of sludge blanket clarifiers and granular-bed filters, has a low operational cost and reliability. The efficient complex technology of treatment of potable water from surface sources developed on the basis of experimental studies is presented. This technology increases the efficiency of operation of reconstructed water supply stations at minimal working costs. The quality of potable water treated meets the specified requirements.

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UDC 628.16.08

Govorova Zh. M., Magomadov Z. R.

Production of drinking water from small-scale water reservoirs


Production of drinking water for domestic use from small-scale water reservoirs with limited yield and initial water quality formed under natural and anthropogenic impact is of special interest. The methods of water pretreatment (chemical free removal of phytoplankton in prefilter with floating medium and oxidant integrated effect) are considered; their contribution to the improvement of water coagulation process has been experimentally proved. The method of calculating coagulant dosage with the use of the coagulation capacity complex factor that takes into account inter alia the effect of zeta potential is suggested. Advanced technologies of water treatment are considered; the results of their industrial-scale testing are presented.

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