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UDC 628.1.036:543.3

Serikov L. V., Shiyan L. N., Tropina E. A., Khryapov P. A.

Peculiarities of Measuring of Chromaticity of the West Siberian Region’s Ground Water


Results of the experimental study aimed at determining the chromaticity of the West Siberian Region’s ground water sampled from a depth of 80–200 m with the use of the chromaticity measuring methods recommended by GOST R 52769-2007 are presented. Difficulties of the determination of chromaticity are associated with the features of the chemical composition of ground water and are due to the generation of stable colloidal particles consisting of Fe(OH)3 and dissolved organic substances of humus origin. It is established that the chromaticity of ground water generally depends on the presence of colloidal compounds of iron and is characterized as seemingchromaticity of water.

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UDC 628.162.15

Nikitin A. M., Skolubovich Iurii, Voytov E. L.

Enhancement of Efficiency of Water Supply Stations Operation


Issues of intensification of processes of coagulation treatment of low-temperature, low-turbidity and high-chromaticity water from surface sources of water supply using the reactor-clarifiers of a new design are considered. The reactor-clarifier combines advantages of sludge blanket clarifiers and granular-bed filters, has a low operational cost and reliability. The efficient complex technology of treatment of potable water from surface sources developed on the basis of experimental studies is presented. This technology increases the efficiency of operation of reconstructed water supply stations at minimal working costs. The quality of potable water treated meets the specified requirements.

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