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UDC 628.161.3

Astrakhantsev D. V., Kirsanov A. A., Egorova Yu. A., Bykova P. G., Erchev V. N., Strelkov D. A., Zanina Zh. V.

Modernization of Chemical Workshop of the Pumping-Filter Station of Samara Using the Powdered Carbon Sorbent


Modernization of the chemical workshop carried out at one of unit of the pumping-filter station of Samara with 360 thousand m3/day output has made it possible to improve the reliability of water treatment. The flow chart includes the primary chlorination, dosing of powdery activated carbon into influent water, coagulant addition before the mixer, flocculant addition at the passage of water from the mixer, clarification in horizontal settling tanks, filtration in rapid filters, secondary chlorination. The use of powdered activated carbon in the water treatment scheme ensures the quality of potable water corresponding to specified requirements.

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UDC 628.161

Domnin K. V., Arkhipova Elena, Dounayevskaya E. V., Aleshko D. S., Metelitsa Ekaterina

The use of advanced technologies at the Head water treatment facilities of the Khabarovsk water supply system


A project of constructing the second stage of the Head water treatment facilities of the Khabarovsk water supply system was developed. The project was designed with an account of the specific composition of the water source pollution and with the use of advanced water treatment technologies. The water treatment complex will include the following facilities: settlers and filters, powdered activated carbon addition and ammoniation stages, an upgraded pumping station at the outlet of the treatment facilities with UV-disinfection stage, an advanced bacteriological laboratory.

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UDC 628.16.069

Ulchenko V. M.

Reconstruction of high colored and low turbidity water treatment facilities


By the example of Severodvinsk municipal water treatment facilities the specific features of the upgrade and partial retechnologisation of the high colored and low turbidity water treatment process are considered. The measures were aiming at meeting the regulatory requirements and minimizing the water treatment cost. Such processing technologies as sludge recycling in combination with the use of flocculant, upgrading the mixing and flocculation chambers with the use of mechanical mixers, automation of dosing equipment with continuous instrument control provide for the sustainable and efficient operation of the water treatment facilities. The implemented water treatment technology including the use of coagulant and organic flocculant as well as coagulation in contact with sludge separated from the settling tanks and subsequent filtration in sand-dolomitic bed filters allows producing drinking water that meets the current standards.

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