UDC 628.1/.3(470.23-25)
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.09.01

Volkov Sergei

Transparency and social responsibility


Solving one of the main tasks of the life support of the city – providing residents and enterprises with high-quality water and wastewater services SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» has been always committed to such important principles as maintaining continuity of production, ensuring decent working conditions for employees and active interaction with St. Petersburg residents and urban organizations. The main activities of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» are presented.

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UDC 628.161

Domnin K. V., Arkhipova Elena, Dounayevskaya E. V., Aleshko D. S., Metelitsa Ekaterina

The use of advanced technologies at the Head water treatment facilities of the Khabarovsk water supply system


A project of constructing the second stage of the Head water treatment facilities of the Khabarovsk water supply system was developed. The project was designed with an account of the specific composition of the water source pollution and with the use of advanced water treatment technologies. The water treatment complex will include the following facilities: settlers and filters, powdered activated carbon addition and ammoniation stages, an upgraded pumping station at the outlet of the treatment facilities with UV-disinfection stage, an advanced bacteriological laboratory.

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UDC 628.11:504.064

KINEBAS A. K., NEFEDOVA E. D., Gvozdev V. A., Portnova T. M., Zaichouk А. А.

Operating and developing water quality monitoring systems to ensure the safety of water supply


In 2006 a system of water supply safety management was introduced at the SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» facilities. The system includes: water sources biological monitoring stations operating on the basis of variational crayfish pulse metering; automatic stations of continuous environmental monitoring; equipment system for detecting accidental oil spills in the Neva River water area; carrying out semiquatitative rapid tests of toxic substances; emergency sampling and analyzing water samples in case of toxic pollution hazard; systems of dozing powdered sorbents to remove water pollutants. To ensure continuous automatic monitoring, timely detection and identification of toxic substances a set of remote optical loggers and fluorimetrical flow-through instruments is used. The automatic plant for preparing and dozing powdered activated carbon includes: a big-bag emptying unit, a unit for activated carbon storing and pumping with the help of a compressor and an injector for dry product; a unit for sorbent preparing and dozing. Introducing the principle of timely detection and identification of toxic substances in water intakes, particularly with the use of online monitoring, allowed improving the responsiveness to the changes in the incoming water quality and ensuring the safety of the municipal water supply.

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