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UDC 628.16.001.57

Galkin Iurii

Technological Model of Compound Systems of Water Management at Industrial Enterprises and Complexes


A technological model has been developed; a mathematical formulation of compound systems of water management at industrial enterprises and complexes has been proposed. The model represents systems of equations reflecting a non-stationary and stationary condition of the system operation. The model is used by the ECO-PROJECT scientific-design firm during the study and development of principal decisions of step-by-step reconstruction of the enterprises’ water management systems and in the course of designing. It can be also useful for the management, audit and ecological control of water management of industrial enterprises.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.06.04
UDC 628.2:62-192

Yermolin Yu. A.

Sewer network reliability control


The fundamental possibility of the sewer network reliability control by developing (with subsequent implementation) mid- and long-term plans for its renovation according to the criterion of the minimum possible environmental risk is discussed. As a quantitative measure, an indicator of the operational reliability of the network is considered, i.e., the relative volume of wastewater not delivered to the treatment facilities because of the failures of the network structural elements. The assumptions and limitations of such control attributable to the specific features of the object, are discussed. An algorithm for developing a network renovation plan according to the environmental criterion is proposed using the method of object segmentation and equivalenting.

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UDC 628.1:3:65.012

Meshengisser Yu. M., Shchetinin A. I.

Management of Process of Construction and Reconstruction of Water Supply-Sewerage Services Objects


The article states basic principles of the EcopolymerGroup’s concept of management of the process of construction and reconstruction of water supply and water disposal objects and also features of designs of treatment facilities requiring the essentially new managerial approach. Examples of reconstruction and retechnologization of treatment facilities of Novocheboksarsk, Gorodets and Aznakaevo cities are presented. Mandatory requirements for the companies working in accordance with the Ecopolymer concept are expounded. The main thesis when working with a customer is a partnership based on trust. The EcopolymerCroup of Companies being a general designer, contractor, equipment manufacturer and supplier simultaneously assumes the responsibility for results of realization of construction and reconstruction.

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