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"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №1 2008

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S. N. Linevich, S. V. Getmantsev.
Disinfection and Coagulation Treatment of Natural Water with Aluminium Oxychloride
The results of experimental and theoretical studies of highly efficient methods and the corresponding technology of complex treatment of natural water including clarification, decolorizing and disinfection are shown.
V. L. Draginsky, L. P. Alekseeva.
Special Features of Coagulants Application for Natural Colored Water Treatment
The results of numerous studies aimed at selection of the most efficient types of coagulants for treatment of natural colored water of different types are presented.
S. N. Linevich, S. V. Getmantsev.
Efficiency of the Don Water Treatment with Coagulant SKIFT180
The results of investigations on evaluation of coagulating and disinfecting efficiency of coagulant SKIFT180 used for treatment of the Don water are presented.
V. E. Zelenin, E. A. Ukrainskaya, E. A. Yudina, I. V. Privalova.
Improvement of Reagent Water Treatment at Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vladimirvodokanal
The measures undertaken by MUE Vladimirvodokanal and aimed at selection of reagents and automation of their feed made it possible to stabilize the quality of effluent water and reduce the expenditure of reagents.
A. B. Kozhevnikov, O. P. Petrosyan.
Problems of Ecological and Sanitary Safety of Swimming Pools
The schemes of water treatment for swimming pools, which provide high level of treatment and reliable disinfection are presented.
L. V. Gandurina, A. M. Polyakov, I. A. Nechaev, I. A. Bogateev, O. Yu. Tychinsky,
Kh. E. Deberdeev.

Treatment of Oil-Containing Wastewater with Disinfecting Polymers
The results of research in coagulating and flocculating properties of bactericidal polymers Polisept and Aquasept Plus and widely used coagulants and flocculants for treatment of oil-containing wastewater are presented.
L. N. Butseva, S. V. Getmantsev, G. B. Rashkovsky.
Efficiency of Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Coagulants AQUA-AURAT
The high efficiency of oil-containing wastewater treatment with alumino-containing coagulants AQUA-AURAT is shown. At present the study results are taken into account to select coagulants at some oil refineries and oil-loading terminals.
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