"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №7 2008

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S. V. Khramenkov.
Results of Activities of SR RAWSWD in 2006-2007 and Tasks for 2008
The results of activities of the Self-regulating Organization, Russian Association of Water Supply and Water Disposal during 2006-2007 are summed up, the tasks for 2008-2009 are determined.
Key words: water supply, water disposal, water and sewer facilities, program, pure water, ecology, congress, association, Water Code.
UDC 628.2/.3.061.25
Resolution of the XVI Congress of the Self-Regulating Organization, Russian Association of Water Supply and Water Disposal 7
Information on Work of the XVI Congress of the Self-Regulating Organization, Russian Association of Water Supply and Water Disposal 10
L. N. Fesenko.
The Conference Dedicated to the Memory of RAS Academician Sergey Vasilievich Yakovlev


T. G. Voynich-Syanozhentsky, E. V. Myasnikova.
Procedure of Calculation of Maximum Rates of Rain Floods
Dependencies needed for calculation of maximum wave height and maximum rate of rain flood are given.
Key words: flood, protection, rate, rain, rivers, flood flow, waves, horizon, downpour, hydrograph, ground water, intensity, damage.
UDC 627.511.001.24
V. V. Potapov, G. M. Min, A. O. Sadovnikova, I. A. Kashutina, V. N. Portnyagin.
Formation of Silica Hard Deposits in Geothermal Power Stations Equipment
Physicochemical characteristics and mechanism of formation of silica hard deposits in geothermal power stations equipment in the course of hydrothermal solution flow have been studied. The results obtained are necessary for development of methods of control over the hard deposits growth rate and increase in efficiency of the use of power station heat carrier.
Key words: hard deposits, wells, pipelines, heat equipment, silica, colloid particles, hydrothermal solution.
UDC 628.147.23:661.68:621.22:551.23
S. V. Tkachev.
Mechanical Filters
Mechanical filters are used for removal of suspensions from surface source water, for mechanical filtration prior to the system of chemical water treatment, at the entry of water treatment systems of municipal economy objects, for aftertreatment of domestic and rain water, for water treatment in cooling circuits, for trickle irrigation systems.
Key words: filters, suspensions, surface source, municipal economy, aftertreatment, water treatment.
UDC 628.16.067
Ch. A. Dziminskas, M. S. Shmelev, E. A. Gorbachev.
Experience in Operation and Reconstruction of Sewerage Treatment Facilities in the City of Nizhny Novgorod
The longstanding experience of operation and reconstruction of sewerage treatment facilities of the city is summarized. Modernization of biological treatment facilities makes it possible to reduce the content of biogenic elements in wastewater treated at the city sewerage treatment facilities built in 1970-1980 by traditional flow chart.
Key words: mechanical and biological treatment, aerotank, lattice, sand catcher, nitrogen, phosphorous, sewerage, modernization.
UDC 628.
G. V. Yagov.
Control of Nitrogen Compounds Content during Wastewater Treatment
The methods of control of nitrogen content during the process of wastewater treatment are considered. The methods of chemical analysis are analyzed; it is proposed to use modern instrumental technique and native devices of serial production.
Key words: biological wastewater treatment, facilities, nitrogen content, nitrates, nitrites, chemical analyses, instrumental technique, ecological control.
UDC 628.313:543.34
V. I. Lebukhov.
Flocculation Treatment of Wash Water of Gold-Bearing Placer Deposits
The results of study of flocculation separation of natural hardly settling silt-clay suspensions of gold-bearing placer deposits in the South of the Far East are presented. It is proved that the deposition rate of mineral phase increases considerably, rising by hundred times under the action of flocculants and depends also on composition of solid phase and type of flocculant; the water phase of suspensions subjected to the flocculation separation changes its element composition. During the process of mineral phase flocculation the amount of the majority of toxic elements being in liquid phase decreases by 1.3-18.9 times.
Key words: flocculation, settling, solid phase, suspension, silt-clay, wash water, dispersions, mineral phase, placer deposits.
UDC 628.349:622.271.6
Pipes of Big Diameter for Water Disposal Systems 61
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 7 71

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